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Welcome to Contact the USGC Organization on the USGC.org website.

The USGC - US GREEN CARD Lottery Application Registration and Information Service Center, for United States Immigration Service needs!  

Should you have any questions regarding USGC.org or USA GREEN CARD LOTTERY Application Registration Service (USAGC), or want to submit an Electronic Diversity Visa Lottery Form (E-DV) for USGC - US GREEN CARD, to have a chance to Live, Work, Sturdy and become a US Citizen, Or interesting in getting Immigration Help Books and need an assistance with making a correct choice for your needs,

Or if you have additional questions regarding the USAGC Photo Requirements from the USGC "Instructions for Submitting a Digital Photograph (Image)" for USGC - US GREEN CARD LOTTERY Application, Or want to know the USAGC List of Countries Eligible for the USA GREEN CARD Lottery Entry (DV-Lottery).

If you want to check free DV-Lottery Winning Results of the USA Green Card Lottery draw or take FREE GREEN CARD LOTTERY participation ELIGIBILITY TEST? Or want to know more about the USGC.org Organization and was not able to find answers on corresponding pages, then, please send us a detailed message, using the form provided below and we will respond you as soon as possible.

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Should you have any questions regarding the USA Green Card Lottery Registration Service or US Immigration Products and Services we are providing, please contact us by email, filing Contact Us Form below at:support1@usgc.org, or regular mail at the following address:

USGC Organization
70 Virginia Rd, Suite 4F
White Plains, NY 10603, USA

Customer Service by phone is available for the Registered Paid Customers Only. Please have your paid Order Number ready when you call us at: (617) 718-3775. 

Thank you for visiting US Immigration Center,

The USGC Organization
USGC.org - US GREEN CARD Lottery
Registration and Information Service Center.


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