Datum toevoeging: 02/22/2018 Details of Green Card Lottery. What you need to know for DV-2020 (year 2018)?

Each year, the green card lottery is held and 55,000 visas are distributed to all the winners. Compared with traditional methods of obtaining a program green card lottery is relatively easy to obtain a green card. It is open to foreigners who may participate after meeting the eligibility criteria simple but strict. And the reason is because these people around the world trying their luck in the lottery program.

In general, seen to be distributed among six geographic regions with greater number of visas for the countries which send less than the number of immigrants in the United States. These visas are granted to countries that have submitted more than 50,000 immigrants to the United States over the past five years. Where your married and are not eligible for an eligible country, you can retrieve your eligibility to a spouse if the spouse is an eligible country.


The Lottery Green Card also called the Diversity Immigrant Visa Program is a way that many aliens from other countries can come to live as permanent residents of the United States. Each year 50,000 people are admitted to the United States that are given permanent status froth Green Card Lottery.

The names of these 50,000 people are randomly selected through a computer from all the applications that have been submitted online. The people who are eligible come from countries where there is a low rate of immigration. In other words, some countries are underrepresented in the U.S. and these are the ones that are given priority to receive the lottery green card.

Word and Education Criteria for Green Card Lottery

In order to receive a lottery green card an individual must meet several criteria. One of the first criteria is that they must have an occupation that falls within five job zones. These categories are listed in the Department of Labor (DOL) O*Net Online database.

In order to fulfill this criterion, you must also have a high school diploma or its equivalent, have gone through a successful 12-year course of elementary and secondary education or have the two years of work experience.

Applications must be completed according to the requirements for successful participation in the lottery. The photograph in the application process plays an important role and all photographic requirements must be met before the image is downloaded into the application. There are opportunities for the application to get disqualified, if the image does not meet certain criteria.

In addition, there must be digital photos of the individual submitted that are current and there is a specific way that the photos have to be submitted. The photographs are very important to the application. The point is to have a picture that clearly shows the face of everyone applying on your application.




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